According to sources cited from Wikipedia, radical centrism entails the following characteristics as a political ideology:

“The radical in the term refers to a willingness on the part of most radical centrists to call for fundamental reform of institutions.[3] The centrism refers to a belief that genuine solutions require realism and pragmatism, not just idealism and emotion.[4]

Radical centrists typically borrow ideas from the left, the right, and elsewhere, often melding them together.[1] Most support market-based solutions to social problems with strong governmental oversight in the public interest.[7] There is support for increased global engagement and the growth of an empowered middle class in developing countries.[8] Many radical centrists work within the major political parties, but also support independent or third-party initiatives and candidacies.[9]”

This site is for sharing ideas that may appeal to a broad audience.  I consider myself a radical centrist, and I am disappointed and concerned by the growing polarization and partisanship in our political process, leadership, party system and many of my fellow Americans.

I hope that the ideas shared in these blog posts will help enliven and engage others who also feel similar to myself and consider themselves moderates or political centrists as well.  But, more than that, I hope the ideas shared here will inspire people across the political spectrum who are willing to consider the ideas of others.